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Estimate from a specialist

Frequently asked questions

What sources do the results come from and how accurate are they?

Our real estate market price estimate calculation system works with a comprehensive algorithm. It processes input data online, which it obtains from publicly available sources and from information of individual public administration institutions. Furthermore, experts in the real estate market throughout the Czech Republic collaborate on our project. They help us to constantly refine the results and individual parts of the calculation. We strive to make the entire project intuitive and user-friendly. For that reason, when creating our online calculator, we limited the amount of data entered by the user to the necessary level so that the calculator could be used by the lay public as well. Therefore, the calculation is indicative to a certain extent. If necessary, our specialists are at your disposal, and based on the more detailed information you provide them, they can refine the result.

Why can the service be completely free?

The project is financed through cooperation with our real estate partners. Users who need to use additional services and the estimation of the market price of their property was only the initial step, can ask us for a recommendation of a verified, reliable partner for the sale or rental of their property.

Can you help me sell or rent my property? cooperates with verified experts from the real estate market throughout the Czech Republic. If our users are interested, we can recommend experts providing these services. We can guarantee the work of our partners –- we choose them really carefully.

I have bad experiences with similar services. Is the service really anonymous?

Yes. Displaying the result in the online calculator is not conditional on filling in any contact information.

Is it possible to consult the result from the online calculator with an expert? cooperates with verified experts from the real estate market throughout the Czech Republic who, among other things, help our project to constantly refine the data. If our users are interested, these experts are also available for consultations. Of course, these services are also free for our users.

Property estimate
free and online

You get an estimate online, quickly and without the need to enter contact details. The online calculator works out an estimate of the real estate price and the optimal amount of rent. The free property estimate is determined on the basis of data from several different sources, such as information from the Cadastre of Real Estate about realized sales, price maps, advertisements etc. Furthermore, the calculation is modified by a specially developed algorithm and the results are revised by experts. Of course, there are also atypical properties for which an estimate of the market price cannot be determined automatically. Our real estate specialists are at your disposal for this case.

Estimation of the optimal amount of rent

The estimate does not have to be only for the price of the property, it is also possible to estimate the optimal amount of rent. Based on the entered key parameters, you will find out the optimal amount of rent for both the apartment and the house. The online calculator is constantly being updated, so you can rely on the result.

Real estate price estimate for inheritance proceedings

The notary can ask you for an estimate of the real estate price. You can easily obtain a market estimate in a calculator, however, for the purposes of inheritance proceedings, a valuation must be drawn up by a specialist to the extent required by the notary. We also provide this service for you. When estimating the price by a specialist, we base it on the actual market prices from completed deals obtained on the basis of data from the Cadastre of Real Estate, price maps and experience with sales of similar properties and cooperative shares in the given location.

Online mortgage calculator

Online, quickly and without entering contact details, you can find out the expected amount of the monthly installment and the interest rate. You can freely change the price of the property, the amount of your own funds, the repayment period and the mortgage loan fixation period. The calculation is based on current market data, so the calculator provides relevant information that will tell you what options you currently have on the market.

Free property valuation and price maps

One of the sources for reliable calculation are price maps. However, we further revise this information with a specially developed algorithm and the opinions of experts.

The online calculator was developed for you and is operated free of charge by company ODHAD ZDARMA s.r.o., which has long been trying to improve the quality of the real estate environment in the Czech Republic with this service. You can read more information in the section How it works.