How it works

We have developed our service for you based on many years of experience in the real estate market.

The market price estimate is determined based on data from several different sources. Furthermore, the calculation is modified by an algorithm developed by us. Of course, there are also atypical properties for which an estimate of the market price cannot be determined automatically. Our real estate specialists are at your disposal for this case.

The entire Online Calculator service works without the human factor, free of charge and without entering contact information. The exception is when you need to be in contact with us for any reason. If you are thinking of selling your property, we recommend using our Expert Estimate service. With this service, a specialist performs a detailed calculation, and this estimate is also free for you.

Why we do it

By quickly and simply verifying the market price of your property with us, you are improving the Czech real estate environment, which unfortunately still has a lot of dishonest agents and real estate agencies that can easily take advantage of their clients' ignorance when determining the market price, both when selling and renting a property.

With us you can check the price of your property and prevent possible financial loss.

This service is of course also for buyers or renters who want to check the price of their dream home simply and quickly.